This Winter Season Enjoy the Hygge Decorating Trend

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The hygge tradition celebrates a break from the stresses of life. This Danish concept of all things cozy and calm is appealing to people who are overwhelmed by a busy world. Bring a little hygge into your home through your interior decorating.

Start with neutral colors.
Hygge-style decorating is very simple and neutral. Start with walls and floors that are a neutral color. Furniture should be subdued as well. Think of colors that help your mind relax.

Use baskets for storage.
The natural look of a woven basket is perfect for creating a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in your home. Use small baskets to hold small household items like television remotes or coasters. Bigger baskets can hold blankets, board games, and just about anything else.

Decorate with candles.
Candles bring a sense of warmth to a room, even when they aren’t lit. Use candles around your space to promote tranquility. Scented candles can also help set the mood.

Bring in natural materials.
Surround yourself with natural elements that keep your mind free from stress. Natural wood is the most common choice for furniture and trim, but you can also use stone and metals.

Add texture wherever possible.
When choosing pieces that are plush, keep texture in mind. Fabrics like velvet, herringbone, and wool are wonderful to touch and will add complexity to your décor.

Light a fire.
If you have a fireplace, make it the focus of your living area. The warmth and flickering light are perfect for creating a cozy space. If you don’t have a fireplace, consider a wood stove, a faux fireplace, or even an electric version.

Pile up blankets.
Keep plenty of blankets handy for snuggling and snoozing. You should have neutral throws folded up at the end of the sofa or draped over the back of a chair.

String some white lights.
Place beautiful white lights around your space to bring a soft glow into the darkness of evening. They will shine like stars and help you relax.

Keep tableware simple.
To keep the hygge flowing even during meals, set your table with understated dinnerware. White is a perfect color for plates. Silverware should be muted and free of extra decoration. A single bud in a vase is the perfect detail as a centerpiece.

Overstuff your seating.
Comfort is the most important aspect of hygge decorating, so make sure your furniture is the kind you can sink into. Sofas and chairs should be soft and full, as if they were waiting for someone to curl up with a book.

The hygge tradition celebrates warmth, relaxation, and a break from the stresses of life. Give yourself a slice of this amazing lifestyle by creating a home that will truly calm your soul and spirit.