The Panknins

As first time homebuyers we started our journey unsure of exactly how the whole process works. Thankfully we were introduced to Lisa with Wenzel Properties and she helped us get rolling on finding a home just right for us. After providing our criteria we were set up to use Wenzel Properties’ online system which allowed us to review and select homes we were interested in. We even received email alerts when properties were added or revised. This system helped us greatly in our search. As a result we found many homes that were of interest and we didn’t have to spend hours and hours traveling from house to house.

After Lisa took us out to see our selected properties we decided to go with a HUD home which everyone knows can be a hassle, but Lisa was there with us every step of the way and stayed on HUD’s affiliates to keep the process moving. From the first day we met Lisa we knew we had a keeper and she didn’t disappoint. Wenzel Select Properties helped us find and close the deal on a house we are now happy to call our home.