Roberto & Celina Perez

Lisa Wenzel is an outstanding and wonderful realtor to whom I would recommend to everyone because she has not only helped my husband and I search for our first home, but has become such a great friend to have. In the past two years, she always is available if you have any questions or if you just want to call and just talk to see how everything is going. She definitely deserves and outstanding award for her overall work that she puts in day in and day out and is willing to help find you the place of your dreams. I remember when she was working with other clients besides me and she still made us feel like we were the only ones and not only working during the week but on the weekends as well. She is an individual who I feel should be recognized for her talent that she puts into her work and her overall friendliness to her clients. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that I know who is having trouble searching for a home.