Dan Schmitt

The Wenzel Select Properties team helped me, as a first time home buyer find a place to call home. It ended up being a very long process, only due to the extraordinary long time it took to go through an initial short sale purchase. The Wenzel Select team advised me from the start exactly what to expect, however me being a naive first time home buyer, decided to pursue the short sale. Every step of the way the team assisted me with questions I had about the purchase process. After my patience wore thin on waiting for the banks to do what they needed to do, the Wenzel Select Properties team advised that I continue searching for a new home since I couldn’t wait any longer. They were there for me every step of the way, and we walked through plenty of properties until we came across “the one”. It was definitely apparent that this team did what was in the best interest of their client, and not for themselves. I would absolutely recommend Wenzel Select Properties to anyone looking to purchase a new home and can say that it was a pleasure working with them.