October 2020 WSP Newsletter

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10 Year Five Star Professional Winner!

Congratulations goes to Lisa Wenzel and Team Wenzel for receiving Chicago Magazine “Five Star Professional Real Estate Agent” Award for TEN YEARS in a row!! Thank you to all of Team Wenzel’s clients for the nomination of this prestigious award!

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Home Buyer Competition Increases as Housing Sales Soar


With existing-home sales continuing their upward trajectory, many economists believe that the housing market is well past the recovery phase. Lawrence Yun, the chief economist for the National Association of Realtors (NAR), believes the market is in a boom phase, with home sales comparable to pre-pandemic levels. “With the sizeable shift in remote work,” he says, “current homeowners are looking for largerRead More

Piles of Clutter? Here’s How to Get to the Bottom of Them


Have you tried to stay organized but failed? Many people buy books, listen to advice, and purchase all sorts of organizing tools only to wind up with tons of clutter and no way to find the things they really need.

The problem with most organization tips is that they start with the clutter and not with the clutter-er. Nearly every person who has an organizationRead More

Three Reasons People Are Looking to Move Right Now


First-time buyers rarely buy their “forever” home, no matter how much they’re in love with a home when they first move in. People’s lives and circumstances change, forcing them to upsize or relocate. Here are some reasons people are looking to move right now:

Bursting at the Seams
When people purchase their first home, they don’t always think about how much space they’ll needRead More

Should You Improve
Your House Before Listing It?


If you’re preparing to sell your home, you might be wondering if you should make repairs or improvements before listing it. The answer depends on the overall condition of the property, the type of buyer you want to attract, and the current real estate market.

If You Can’t Afford Repairs, Sell As Is
This applies to major issues like structural damage, plumbing complications, and electrical problems. Keep in mind that your buyer pool will most likely consist of flippers and contractors. While you might have to consider low offers, you won’t have to deal with the hassle and expense of repairs… Read More

How to Create a Home Inventory


In the unlikely event that disaster strikes, you’ll want to be prepared for the worst. After a burglary, house fire, or flood, it’s hard to think clearly about next-step details like filing an insurance claim. Having a complete home inventory will relieve some stress by ensuring you’re quickly reimbursed for stolen or damaged possessions. Here’s how to make one:

What Should You Include in Your Inventory? Include any possessions you would want to receive reimbursement for if they were destroyed or stolen, such as expensive furniture, jewelry, firearms, electronics, antiques… Read More


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Featured Testimonial

by Bill & Carol


We saw a property in Shorewood that we were interested in – we contacted the broker we had been working with, but they didn’t call use back. We then decided to take a chance and call the broker who was listed on the property from the yard sign. Lisa answered the call immediately – she shared with us that she took our call, while she was in the midst of traveling and was actually at the airport! Her responsiveness, and subsequent attention to our needs was what we consider to be above and beyond the expectations of a potential client. She is very much involved with the inspection aspect of the property, which was key in avoiding a potential bad property purchase, saving us literally thousands of dollars. And a special shout out to Melissa Mathis who was there with us every step of the way. Big thanks and kudos to Lisa and Wenzel Select Properties!


September Happenings


Congratulations to
on the purchase of her new home!
Congratulations to
on the sale of his property!

Congratulations to
Tanner & Sarah
on the purchase of their new home!

Congratulations to
John & Amy
on the purchase of their new home!

Congratulations to
Frank & Kaitlyn
on the sale of their property!

Congratulations to
Frank & Kaitlyn
on the purchase of their new home!

Congratulations to
Theresa & Seymour
on the rental of their investment property!

Congratulations to
on the rental of her new home!

Congratulations to
on the rental of her new home!

Congratulations to
Rachid & Samira
on the rental of her new home!

Congratulations to
Jessica & Adrian
on the rental of her new home!

Thank you for allowing WSP to assist you with your most valuable investment.

Lisa M. Wenzel
Managing Real Estate Broker

Featured Listings

443 57th St
Downers Grove, IL

4 Bed, 2.1 Bath
Fresh Updates
Great Neighborhood

1508 Barrymore Drive
Darien, IL

2 Bed, 2.1 Bath
Completely Updated
High End Finishes

14740 S Golden Oak Dr
Homer Glen, IL

3 Bed, 2.1 Bath
Spacious Rooms Throughout
Huge lot!

7363 Grand Ave #205
Downers Grove, IL

1 Bed, 1.1 Bath
City-Like Living
Completely Updated!
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Broker: Kristine Emmel – 847 489-8965
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