Is it a good idea to keep my home on the market during the holidays?

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home on the market during the holidays

Many sellers believe that you should take your home off the market during the holiday season and here are some reasons why you should not.

  1. There are always serious buyers looking during the holiday season, there are relocation buyers who need to find a place to live fast, buyers that have been searching and haven’t found the perfect home to purchase or you have buyers whose current home just went under contract and will be closing in 45 days.
  2. Inventory is very low during the winter season, so if your home is priced right and in tip-top shape, a multiple offer situation may occur. We love multiple offers because your home may end up selling for over list price. Multiple offer situations give the buyers a chance to provide their “highest and best” offer kind of like a bidding war and the best offer that suits the seller will be awarded the contract.
  3. Husbands and wives can view properties together during holiday vacations or days off, which makes it easier to decide on a home purchase.
  4. Holiday Home decorations portray an inviting and warm atmosphere. Buyers can very easily picture themselves in your home for the holidays. I showed a home during the holiday season, where the Christmas tree was lit and the fireplace was roaring. My clients loved the home and said: “This is the House”!
  5. It only takes one buyer to like your home, and if you take your home off the market you could have missed a new buyer that just started looking. We had a seller client that listed their home numerous times with hundreds of showings. The home was a tough sell due to its location, we listed the home early in the season and behold the home went under contract in two weeks!! If we were not listed during the winter season, this buyer (that had no problem with the location) may have found another home and we would have missed the sale! Just another reason to keep your home on the market during the holiday!!!

Lastly, if you do get an offer on your home, you can set the closing date, so you do not disrupt your home for the holidays!

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